Status Report – January 12th

  • January 13, 2022
  • Publishing
  • C. Thomas Lafollette

I got to hold my paperback in my hands for the first time today! My proof from KDP arrived. I should see the proof from IngramSpark in a couple weeks. Publishing wide means I have more options and ways to reach readers, but there sure are a lot of moving pieces. I’m almost two months away from publishing my first novel! March 22nd is looking really close with a LOT of work in front of me to release THIRTEEN books in 2022, so I thought I’d give y’all a status update on where all my books stand as of this moment.

  • The Centurion Immortal – Book 0 – DONE!
    • This is a fun novella that gives you a brief glimpse of our hero, Luke Irontree, and the dark and dangerous world he lives in. If you click the link above, you can get it for free by signing up for my newsletter.
  • Dark Fangs Rising – Book 1 – DONE!
    • The ebook and the paperback are loaded up on all the sights. The proof of the paperback landed in the mailbox today. Let me tell you, holding your first book in your hands is a special feeling. You can preorder both at the link above. I’ll have autographed options up on the website soon as well.
  • Dark Fangs Raging – Book 2
    • It’s currently at my copy editor, Available for preorder
  • Dark Fangs Descending – Book 3
    • Currently integrating developmental edits, Available for preorder
  • Blood Empire Reborn – Book 4
    • Developmental edits done, waiting to integrate
  • Blood Empire Avenged – Book 5
    • Developmental edits done, waiting to integrate
  • Blood Empire Burning – Book 6
    • Done, waiting for revisions
  • Ancient Sword One – Book 7
    • Done, waiting for revisions
  • Ancient Sword Two – Book 8
    • Start January 1st
  • Ancient Sword Three – Book 9
    • Start March 1st
  • Rising of the Centurio Immortalis – Novella Origin Story
    • 95% done, Available for Preorder
  • Fall of the Centurio Immortalis – Novel, Historical adventure/romance
    • Just uploaded it to a few sites! Developmental edits done, waiting to integrate
  • SECRET Novella
    • Start February 1, Research books have arrived
  • The Highway Centurion – Novella, historical adventure
    • Start ???

I hope you’re willing to take a chance on my books. Start with The Centurion Immortal; it’s free and short. And don’t forget to leave reviews!

C. Thomas Lafollette

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