Rise of the Centurio Immortalis

Title: Rise of the Centurio Immortalis
Series: A Luke Irontree Historical Adventure
Author: C. Thomas Lafollette
Publisher: Broken World Publishing
Release Date: April 5th, 2022
Ebook ISBN: 978-1-949410-50-1
Paperback ISBN: 978-1-949410-51-8

Production Team:
Cover Art: Ravven
Developmental Editor: Suzanne Lahna
Copy Editor: Amy Cissell
Proofreading: Amy Cissell


It’s dangerous business getting mixed up with gods…

…but a centurion always follow orders.

When blood sucking monsters attack, can even the gods protect a loyal soldier of Rome?

After three years campaigning in Armenia and Mesopotamia and a meteoric rise through the ranks of the legions, Lucius has been promoted to centurion and given a final mission from his dying emperor—go to Armenia to protect a remote temple dedicated to the god Mithras.

With a Parthian assassin on their trail and a ferocious Caucasus Mountains winter in front of them, Lucius and his men are running out of time. And with dark demons waiting for them at Mithras’s temple, Lucius may be running out of luck.

Enemies—mortal and not—are dogging Lucius’s every movement, and he isn’t sure he’ll be able complete his emperor’s mission…or even make it out alive.

You’ll love this blend of historical fantasy and vampires, because history is better with fangs.

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Rise of the Centurio Immortalis is a Luke Irontree Historical Adventure.

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