Dark Fangs Raging

Title: Dark Fangs Raging
Series: Luke Irontree & The Last Vampire War #2
Author: C. Thomas Lafollette
Publisher: Broken World Publishing
Release Date: April 19th, 2022
Ebook ISBN: 978-1-949410-42-6
Paperback ISBN: 978-1-949410-43-3

Production Team:
Cover Art: Ravven
Developmental Editor: Suzanne Lahna
Copy Editor: Amy Cissell
Proofreading: Amy Cissell


Luke Irontree survived the vampires’ first assault on Portland. But they’re back, and they want revenge.

Luke and his new werewolf allies hoped they’d have more time before the next battle with the vampires. When they discover a hot new night club is secretly a front to lure in victims, Luke hatches a plan. But they’re met by heavily armed elite vampire warriors and barely make it out alive.

The vampires are now being led by an old friend of Luke’s, and the game has changed. The vamps are striking back. If Luke hopes to save his city and friends, he must figure out how to stop the vampire commandos setting traps to bring him down.

When an old acquaintance reaches out, Luke learns of an international conspiracy to flood Portland with vampires. If that wasn’t messed up enough, the fangers have infiltrated the local police. Luke and his ragtag band of vampire hunters are stretched thin with more enemies than they can deal with. Surrounded and hounded, Luke must find a way to turn the tides or die with the city he calls home…

Dark Fangs Raging is the second book in the Luke Irontree & The Last Vampire War urban fantasy series.

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